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Date: 2018.10.23        Author: Admin

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Offers a clean and easy to use API and management tools for your database.

SQL databases stored in CLOUD for your WEB or IoT projects.

- basic CRUD operations
- advanced CRUD options
- user authorization and management
- access rights roles management
- database jobs
- logs
- CLOUD backup and restore

We offer two options:

1. Standard

The database engine is SQLite 3.
Unlimited SQL databases in reserved storage, up to 100 users/ account.
Prices are per reserved GB of storage and API calls. 10K free API calls per day.

15 days trial period. Minimum reserved storage is 1 GB.
( 5USD/GB and 0.08 USD/ extra 10K API CALLS )

2. Scale
PostgreSQL, Maria DB or MySQL databases.
Based on AWS Aurora limits. ( CALL for details)

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